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severe sandstorms th

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he beginning," said the resident of Sainh?/h2>

at would often shroud northern China.In 2002, China started a sand control project in the Beijing-Tianjin-H▓ebei area. A series of environmental restoration efforts were undertaken in Hunshandake, with one

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坥da Township, deep in the Hunshandake Sandland, in the north

of them being encouraging herders t▓o raise chickens.Scientists at the Hunshan

of Inner Mongo

dake environmental research station under the Chinese▓ Academy of Sciences brought some chickens to the sandland, p

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lia Autonomous

ersuading the herders to give up grazing.However, most of the herders refused▓ to

Region.In e

change their traditional way of living.Huhtuyaa's family took the daring step.Wit

arly summe

h low interest ▓loans given by the ating ▓nt, Huhtuyaa's parents bought around 4

r, Hunshanda

00 chicks in 2005. Afraid tha▓t there might be no market for their chickens, they t

ke turns green

rav▓eled to Hebei Province and Beijing from time to time, looking for potential clients.Huhtu▓yaa joined his parents

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in raising


after gradu


from high sc

hool in

, ▓but 20 years

2007.Over the years, the▓ family's land grew ever greener. The grass seeds and worms became delicacies for chickens.

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Their▓ manure wor

ked as the f

ertilizer of the grass. A virtuous cycle was formed.Every morning, Huh▓tuyaa takes a leisurely walk on the grassland bef▓ore starting his work.His pockets have also become fuller thanks to the growing market demand for chick▓ens.Two years ago, the family invested over 6 millio▓

n yuan (940,

910 U.S. dollars) and opened a eco-tourism business. Every year, they sell abou▓t 8,000 chickens and 290,000 eggs, and can make as much as 1 million yuan.The farm has also become a tourist attraction for people from the cities. Visitors can enjoy the g▓rassland scenery as wel

l as freshly

-cooked chicken and eg▓gs.Huhtuyaa's success has attracted the attention of many of his neighbors. He plans to▓ give 30 to 50 chicks to his fellow villagers, and buy the chicken back for sale aft▓er they have grown.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on WechatHeavy snow kills over 8,000 cattle in northwest ChinaHeavy snow has killed more than 8,000 cattle in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The latest sno

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